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This Month in the Garden

May is a most wonderful month for gardening!  Temperatures are warming but it's not too hot to spend quality time outside with your plants. Whether you're tending to vegetable patches, perennial garden beds, containers or landscaping, May is the most perfect Spring month. 

We've compiled a great list of tips for gardening in the month of May:

  • If you haven't already - check your irrigation lines for any leaks that may have developed over the winter months.

  • As temperatures rise, we'll be using our irrigation more frequently, but it's important that none of our precious water goes to waste.  Repair any leaks in drip lines, broken sprinkler heads, leaky hose nozzles, etc. 

  • May is a great month to sow vegetable and flower seeds outside, or transplant seeds you've started inside to their outdoor homes.  If you've started seeds inside, it's a good practice to prepare your seedlings for the outdoor climate slowly.  Set your seedlings outside during the day and bring them in at night for at least a week before transplanting them.  This will help reduce the shock of replanting and ensure more successful crops! 

  • While the ground is still holding some moisture from the winter rains, weeding around plants in the garden is easiest.Do your best to remove all the roots to prevent weeds from coming back, and try to pull them before they go to seed! 

  • Hopefully you've begun to see birds back in the area as they perform their migrations!  Keep clean fountains, stocked bird feeders and diversely planted gardens to encourage them to stay a while! 

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